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Nano Protection Technology

1 millimeter contains 1000 microns. Just 20 microns is enough to create a Powerful Nano Film. Surfaces that we see with our eyes as ideally flat, such as glass, when placed under a microscope, then we see that they look like the surface of the moon with many craters, canyons and caves. The Powerful Nano Film fills in those gaps. As a consequence, we have an Absolute Hydrophobic Surface in which no micro-life form can hide and continue with its further development. Also, the chemical composition of Nano Shild Protection is such that it enables the creation of an Extremely Hard and Fire-Resistant Surface with the Visual Effect of a Mirror.


wet surface effect included
Very Good 100%

Extremely good protection of any surface from mechanical stresses such as scratches and Impacts... Note: A katana blow will damage any surface!

Absolutely 100%

Absolutely Hydrophobic surface forever. Water, oil, wine ... will simply remain on the surface without being able to penetrate Nano Shild Protection. Any substance will remain on the surface until it is physically removed or until it slides off the surface if the surface is sloping.

Forever 100%

There is no possibility of staining from anything. Be carefree. If any substance spills on the surface, simply wipe the surface. Now you have that option.

Up to 700 degrees 100%

Fire and heat protection. Nano Shild Protection suffers temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius in a short time interval.

New Form of Protection 100%

Protection against the development of bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic life forms. After applying one or two layers of Nano Shield Protection, which depends on your need for greater mechanical resistance, we get a powerful nano film that fills all micro craters, canyons and caves and thus prevents the entrainment of microorganisms in them and their further development.

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